About Us

DNA Meditech is an event handling firm.

DNA Meditech is an Event Handling Firm.

We take great pride in our skills as event planners and are known for organizing others’ healthcare events with not just more quality, but a better budget. We specialize in conducting seminars, conferences, webinars, symposiums, workshops, and programs related to the health and medical sector. Apart from these events, we are always helping various medical hospitals, institutes, and working professionals to conduct any events which are related to the medical sector.

Our work begins with realizing the target audience and then planning the event keeping them in mind. We formulate the entire concept of the event, and execute our concept with a well thought plan with the most efficient logistics. We take care of managing the entire project as a whole. If this involves managing your teams which are responsible for conducting the event, we do that too.

We have been known to entirely manage the budget of the event as well, including attracting the sponsors and executing the event in its entirety, leaving no little stone unturned. Our supervision can also extend to all of the third-party vendors and hired professionals involved with the event, including but not limited to even planners.

Why should you choose DNA Meditech?

Apart from our outstanding success rate and customer satisfaction, getting a company to entirely manage your event has a few benefits in general. The biggest benefit of hiring an event management company is the reduction of stress. All of our clients have told us how relieved they felt after handing their event over to us. Managing an event is a herculean task but we manage to break it down efficiently which helps us in doing well. Here are the reasons you should choose us:

  • Our topmost priority is your satisfaction.
  • The entire planning from start to end is on us.
  • We treat our client’s budget as our budget, and try to get as much out of it as possible without compromising on the quality.
  • We value your time immensely.
  • We take care of the entire logistics of the event from the organizers, to the speakers, to the attendees.
  • We believe in complete transparency with our clients.
  • We cannot ‘stress’ on this enough: We take your stress and toss it out.
Why should you choose DNA Meditech?