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Team DNA Meditech works with our clients to push the boundaries of what an experience can be using smart strategies, clever creative, and trusted technology.

Virtual Meeting & Webinars

While the ongoing pandemic has made this a necessity, even without travel restrictions virtual meeti...

Project Management & Administration

The greatest help you get when you employ us for managing your project is that we relieve you of all...

Event Branding & Marketing

We help you with branding your event really well, coming up with colour schemes, themes, CSR strateg...

Sponsorship Support & Management

Dealing with sponsors is an extremely stressful task that comes as a part of conducting an event. Ou...

Content Development & Designing

One of the most prominent parts of any event is the content that goes out, be it graphic design or t...

Faculty & Delegate Management

The reputation of any event hinges on the management of the faculty and delegates who are attending ...

Registration & Logistics Management

We will receive all registration from the conference website as well as other modes if any. Moreover...

Post Event Evaluation

The post event evaluation is a collection of all the relevant details that you might want to take ba...

About Us

We take great pride in our skills as event planners and are known for organizing others’ healthcare events with not just more quality, but a better budget. We specialize in conducting seminars, conferences, webinars, symposiums, workshops, and programs related to the health and medical sector. Apart from these events, we are always helping various medical hospitals, institutes, and working professionals to conduct any events which are related to the medical sector.

Our work begins with realizing the target audience and then planning the event keeping them in mind. We formulate the entire concept of the event, and execute our concept with a well thought plan with the most efficient logistics. We take care of managing the entire project as a whole. If this involves managing your teams which are responsible for conducting the event, we do that too.

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